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This is an incredibly sketchy way to change the gear on your character. It's temporary, I promise!

* First, copy the code from an item you wish to add from the list below.
* Next, enable the customization beta on the web version by typing 'customizationbeta' while in the main menu.
* Two new menu options should show up. 'Create gear' and 'Change gear'. Click on 'Change gear'.
* Paste the code into the input field that reads 'Gear code' and click 'Add'.
* Click 'Back' and your gear will be saved to your computer.

Check out this Newschoolers article for an in depth explanation.

Name Code Category Created by
tamahawk fixedgwc71SPantsmreichert
tamahawk pantsiP377UPantsmreichert
green and yellowd5KZzaPolesIsaacDunn44
green top yellow bottom7YVxEvSkisIsaacDunn44
2012 ar7IGps2xSkismreichert