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This is an incredibly sketchy way to change the gear on your character. It's temporary, I promise!

* First, copy the code from an item you wish to add from the list below.
* Next, enable the customization beta on the web version by typing 'customizationbeta' while in the main menu.
* Two new menu options should show up. 'Create gear' and 'Change gear'. Click on 'Change gear'.
* Paste the code into the input field that reads 'Gear code' and click 'Add'.
* Click 'Back' and your gear will be saved to your computer.

Check out this Newschoolers article for an in depth explanation.

Name Code Category Created by
B/l polesMToaVwPolesTristan1314
Roze goglesLw1gs7GogglesTristan1314
Columbia jacketVXB1ySJacketTristan1314
Cykgr7GaiJacketRAM€N $QUAD
H/h pantszgD2u4PantsTristan1314
Line hoodiezRZ4HaJacketCarver
medium skin RJuD1eFaceyau
black headgCgtCFFaceyau