Shredsauce Park Building Contest Shredsauce Park Building Contest
Win skis from J Skis
Shredsauce park builders! We have teamed up with J Skis to bring you the Park Building Contest. The winner will receive a pair of skis from J Skis.
Thanks to all who entered. There were over over 80 entries with Bunghole.'s level named "J Skis Special by Bunghole." coming out on top. There are tons of options with great flow and all the features are smooth. It's a lot of fun to play and definitely deserving of a pair of J Skis and being featured in the upcoming mobile update!

Play the winning level


  • To enter your level, simply include "J Skis" in your level's description
  • A winner will be chosen out of the top 10 highest rated levels
  • Contest ends February 24th
  • The winner will receive a pair of J Skis and have their level featured on the upcoming mobile update
  • If you have any questions, post them on the Facebook page or send us an email at

  • You cannot mass downvote other levels
  • You may only enter one park
  • The description must contain "J Skis" in order to be considered a valid entry
  • A link to your level must be posted on Facebook and tagged #shredsauce and #jskis